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Remember, this is not intended as a forum for medical advice, only discussion.

From: MM
Date: 2/22/01
Subject: A Fix for the Fix

I read your article [in the New Times, 2/08/01] and in fact took it to the very doctor you mentioned in your article. He is my doctor as well. They are now sending me to UCLA after tests and MRI's. They don't seem to be able to fix their mistake. Could you please contact me?

Response: Gladly.

From: CN
Date: 2/21/01
Subject: Hurting and Scared

Had vasectomy one year ago. Started having pain at six months. Bilateral and in the testicles. Consulted urologist. Took mega aspirin, then anti-inflamatories. Got some relief but no resolution. Urologist dumped me off to pain management, but folks there had never dealt with this condition and it scared me to death. Please help me.

Response: This is a really familiar scenario. We need to talk.

From: DW
Date: 2/14/01
Subject: Sheep

I saw your article; it was a great statement. Many men know so little about the true cost of vasectomy; maybe this will encourage more to investigate rather than be led like sheep over the cliff.

Response: Hopefully, but getting truthful information in return from the doctor is a critical element in this process. The whole process of informed consent regarding vasectomy needs to change drastically.

From: KP
Date: 2/13/01
Subject: What's working, and what's not

It was great to see the article published. I know it will still be a long road to getting the doctors to change their minds about Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. Even now as my pain meds have been upgraded to 80mg every 12 hours with oxvcodone for breakthrough pain. I have to say the breakthrough pain has been the hardest to deal with, and the doctors just don't seem to understand when you say the meds don't last for the whole 12 hours…. We've got to keep up the good work and always remember to feel free to give men suffering my email address or telephone number if I can be of any help to anyone.

Response: As you know, not only do we need effective way to treat the chromic pain that can result form vasectomy, but we also need medical science to come up with a way to properly diagnose and treat the cause of this terrible problem.

From: DN
Date: 2/12/01
Subject: Doctor Lying

If you read the recent New Times article where Dr. Clayton was quoted, "I see a lot of complications from work done by other doctors," usually physicians who don't specialize in vasectomies, he says. But it's been years since any of his own patients has returned with complaints of pain or discomfort.

He is full of shit! He did my vasectomy. Three days later I had incredible pain and my left nut began swelling. He prescribed Vicodin and said "Don't worry, it will go away." It didn't. My nut kept swelling and hurting. I went back to see him and he said I had a little blowout. No big deal that my nut was three times bigger than it used to be, he'd seen them as big as a grapefruit! "Come back in a year if it has not gone away." After a year the pain subsided to a constant dull ache but I was still deformed, so I went back to see him. He said give it another year and if the swelling did not go away on it's own he could surgically remove it. I was never informed that this might happen. I'd be stupid to let him touch me again. All this to say, he's lying!

Response: Unfortunately, I know you're not the only one who has encountered this kind of situation. Too many men's doctors have been content to stand by and let them suffer in some vain hope that the problems would just go away. I suggest you get a second opinion from someone willing to treat you proactively. Please help me share what you have learned with others and maybe we can help each other out.


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