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From: SJ
Date: 9-27-02
Subject: Doubled up in pain

I had a vasectomy on July 24, 2002. I had pain for one month. Then it went away for 10 days or so completely and I thought I was okay. About 2 weeks later, I am having pain again. Once I was doubled over on the floor, however it is not usually that bad, and Vicodin does the trick. Iím very active in yoga, running, lifting and now have stopped all this hoping a rest will heal it. I have no swelling. Does this ever go away or are all post vas pain cases chronic and forever or for years? Very scared. Iím going for an ultrasound this Saturday. Would love to hear from you in some way to reassure me (if thereís reassurance) that this will go away and what I can do and where to go.

Response: First, you have my best wishes and prayers that this pain will go away. For some it has in the past. For others like me it has not. Much of the reason for this is related to the cause of the pain you are having. If you had pain from the time of the surgery on that never went away, there is likely to be tissue damage and possibly nerve damage that needs to heal. If the pain is cyclical, and is confined primarily to the epididymis at the back of the testicle, my experience has been that this type of pain is the result of the congestion, pressure and rupturing (known as "blowouts") that inevitably occurs after a vasectomy. Some of us just react to this much more strongly than others. If it is this type of pain then relieving the pressure, either by open-ended vasectomy, testosterone therapy to reduce sperm production, or reversal can and have been successful treatment for many men. If it is, in fact, tissue damage, and particularly if there is nerve damage, this is much more difficult to treat. As far as your activities goes, try to stay at least with the yoga and modify the postures in whatever way you need to avoid excessive pain. You need to keep your body limber, as chronic pain will tighten you up like a drum, as I'm sure you already know. I'd be glad to discuss this with you in person and get you a copy of my book with information and references you may use.
From: DR
Date: 9-24-02
Subject: Burning sensations in shaft when erect

Ever since my vasectomy Iíve been receiving burning sensations in my erections and a burning feel at the bottom of my shaft, where he made the incision, especially when I rub it. The urologist made the incision very high in my scrotum (at bottom of shaft). The number of times that I sexually function ever since my vasectomy was greatly reduced due to the burning sensations. Is there any error or mistake that a urologist may make at the time of a vasectomy to cause these burning sensations (either by accident or intentional)? At the time he preformed the surgery, he applied great amounts of a freezing solution that burned very much. Could this be what caused it or something else?

Response: There are many possible causes for what you describe. Infections are common after vasectomy as is scar tissue formation, nerve and other tissue injury, and a host of other maladies. You need to see a good doctor who will listen to you and help figure out what is going on. Get a copy of your surgery report to take with you when you see other providers. Donít be surprised if you donít get support or much of a response from the urologist who did the vasectomy.
From: MM
Date: 9-20-02
Subject: Am I saved in time?

This morning I went for a "no scalpel" vasectomy. But, after several attempts to locate my vas deferens by rotating my testicles and scrotum...involving pain and nausea for me...the doctor called it quits and said I should return in two weeks and he would give me a muscle relaxant and Valium. It was terrible...like being kicked in the groin. I scheduled the new surgery date for October 4. But now I have found your website! And I also saw some books on Amazon.com hinting at long-term effects and pain. I am beginning to think I had divine intervention...PLEASE can you send me your book to read? I am going to cancel my next vasectomy date...until I get ALL the facts.

Response: Are you sure you didnít go to the Marquis de Sade vasectomy clinic? Unfortunately, I think many others have gone there also. I'd be glad to send you the book, no charge. Let me know what address to use. I would definitely consider what happened divine intervention, and hope there are no lasting effects from the scrotal invasion you had. I'll send the book as soon as you let me know where, and in the meantime, keep your sack intact!
From: DR
Date: 8-3-02
Subject: Painful erections after vasectomy

Hi. Iím trying to subscribe, but each time I click on the subscribe icon, the page remains the same and Iím not able to subscribe. I also noticed that your newsletters are dated from 2001,but its stated that your web site is still accepting questions to be posted. How may I see an up date of questions posted by men who experience complications after a vasectomy and how may I post my question. Ever since my vasectomy in Ď98, Iíve been experiencing uncontrollable painful erections. Sometimes this is extremely painful to the point of stinging at ejaculation. I never experienced these symptoms before the vasectomy. Before the vasectomy, I was able to ejaculate 2 to 7 times a week with no pain of any kind. After vasectomy, I encountered burning sensations in my erections when having sex once every 4 days. I had to reduce the number of times that I ejaculate to once a week in order to function like normal. Automatically, the vasectomy reduced the number of times I ejaculate by at least 50% for reasons I donít know. Even if I reduce my sexual activity to once a week, if I happen to think of female sexuality or for example, see a woman wearing a bathing suit on TV, I start to get uncontrollable painful erections, many times extremely painful. Would a reversal help? If I could go back in time, I would not have a vasectomy for all the money in the world. How may I see updated questions from men and post my own on your website and how may I subscribe to scrotal scribbles?

Response: I try to update the postings to the forum quarterly, but have been involved in other activities with the web site so far this year and am running behind. I still try to respond to the individual questions that are posted, but the actual posting of the messages to the forum may take longer. In regards to your situation, notice where the pain is when you have an erection. If it is adjacent to the base of your penis, and is made worse with pressure, and extends up into your groin when you ejaculate, then you probably have some kind of nerve damage and inflammatory response in your spermatic cord(s). I am quite familiar with this type of situation personally. If the pain is inside the penis, you may be experiencing an infection somewhere along the genital tract. If the pain is deeper inside, you may be having prostatitis symptoms, which are also common after vasectomy. I'm curious what you doctor(s) have said about this so far and whether you have pain at any other time than when you have an erection. I wonder also if there might not be scar tissue involved. How long after the vasectomy did this start? Check with one of the experts on the provider list of the web site and get some ideas in this regard. If you would like to discuss the matter further, you can call me at 805/459-8844. I can promise not to think that you are crazy since this situation is quite real for many men, but you may have to go a ways to find a doctor who is willing to help you out.
From: RA
Date: 7-21-02
Subject: Pain in the Midwest

I appreciate you speaking with me on the phone the other day. As I told you, my husband had a vasectomy 4 months ago. About 4 weeks after the procedure, he developed a "twitch" in the right testicle. Over time that developed into pain, to the point where he can't walk without pretty severe pain and discomfort. He's on pain medication to get him through work. When he's not working he's sitting on the couch with an ice pack on. This whole ordeal has been a nightmare and we're literally hanging on by our thumbnails. We live in Michigan and haven't been able to find a doctor in this area who is willing or able to help us. Many have said they've never seen or heard of this before. Others have said that my husband would live in pain for the rest of his life and we just needed to accept that fact. He's 42 years old and has a 2 year old and a 4 year old. We're not ready to resign ourselves to a lifetime of pain and disability. If you have any information on doctors in or near Michigan or the Midwest that may be able to help please let us know.

Response: Doctors proficient in treating post-vasectomy pain are few and far between. Check the provider section for ideas and/or give a call so we can discuss ideas and options. Do his testicles tend to retract with the pain when he moves? I know that is what I experience. Iím trying to find medications and therapies that help relax this area of my body so it can heal, but it is quite difficult when even minimal movement aggravates the situation. My prayers and blessings are with you. Stay in touch.
From: TS
Date: 7-8-02
Subject: Too many complications

Thank you for this website. It has really helped me make up my mind. I'm an Engineer, and as I know this profession and anatomy are two different beasts. However I could not help but ponder all the effects that the unreleased sperm can cause. I realize that it is said to make up only 2% of the ejaculate (semen). However that 2% multiplied by time, seems to equal definite disaster. I am 26 years of age and my wife (25) and I are about to have our second and last child in September of this year.

We have been contemplating various birth control methods for the future. She also does not want to interrupt her career with another child, mostly because her body doesn't handle pregnancy too well, which makes both of us feel terrible. I have already ruled out a Hysterectomy for her, even if she wanted one. I believe the risks are too great, as well as mental and emotional effects.

She seems to think that the vasectomy is the best option for us. I had begun to give it some thought, as something I can do to contribute to the marriage and family. But after reviewing your information, I have made up my mind that this can possibly cause a great deal more stress on the marriage and family.

Well now my decision is harder than ever now. In your opinion what is the least damaging form of contraceptive, besides surgery. And might you have any links you can direct me to. I believe GOD gave us our bodies to take care of and preserve.....after all they have to hold up for a lifetime.

Thank you, Thank you again!

Response: Thank you for your comments, and I share your wonder at how best to have an appropriate birth control program for yourself and keep you body and health intact. Surgery and hormones have too many side effects, as you have read. The best suggestion I can make is to consider a form or combination of methods using barriers and/or Natural Family Planning methods, such as those advocated by the Couple to Couple League at www.ccli.org for your reference. I know I was never much for condoms myself, but after the pain I've experienced because of my vasectomy, I'd wear five! That is if the pain stopped long enough to try. Best wishes to you and congratulations on the soon to be new arrival. By the way, my wife had problem pregnancies also which led to us deciding that two was enough, and we were assured vasectomy was a ďno big dealĒ option. Yeah, right. Four-and-a-half years, 15 procedures, and $230,000 in medical costs later, I can tell you conclusively that it is a very big deal!

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